“Relationships build the body, the body builds the church.“

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About C.O.C.

With, you are provided with an always on, always available application that provides access to detailed information about your church's membership, prospect list and various organizational units within your church.



Do you use a different software system to manage your church? The good news is we can integrate your data into C.O.C. with ease, making it simple to use both systems together, or completely replace your existing system.


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What Is It?

Call Out Church is a process, really, more than a software application. It is following a defined and tested formula to organize your church memberhip and outreach efforts. Following this formula provides to all involved with each step of the process a method to keep up with what is happening and coordinate a plan of action. The Call Out Church Software just makes it really easy!

How C.O.C. Works!

How It Works

1)Units   The organizational entities of your church. You can define as many units as you want to keep things organized. Have a big church? Define a bunch of units and have your staff manage one or more. Have a small church? Designate only a few and manage them yourself. There are no limits.

2)Members   This is the heart of your church. This is where you keep up with everybody. You do that by assigning them to one more more units and keep up with their spiritual walk as they go from a prospect to an active and engaged member of the body.

3)Events   How your church stays healthy and grows. Events are sponsored by one or more units and provide a way to keep tabs on the happenings in the church and monitor the effectiveness of different outreach activities.