Member First Management

What if you could focus the management of your ministry with a person first perspective? Know the health of your ministry from the view-point of the member or prospect instantly.

Relationships Build The Body
The Body Builds The Church

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Churches On The Platform:


This is the heart of the platform and the primary focus of your ministry. Through the Call Out Church Platform, you'll see in an instant the health of each member. Keeping up with long-time members or first time guests has never been easier. And, with the automatic first time guest workflow, you'll see those attending for the first time become members in no time.

“By having the full picture of the people in my church, I am able to devote my ministry to better serving and growing members and prospects alike.”

Cary Pittman - Senior Pastor, White Plains Baptist Church


Offer members and guests an online giving opportunity to your ministry and track other donations easily. Accept online checks (e-check) or credit cards to any giving category you want to define.

“The ability to accept online donations with no effort and automatically reconcile them to each person saves a tremendous amout of time each month with reconciling the church's finances.”

Cynthia Maloch-Cromer - Financial Secretary, White Plains Baptist Church


Units help organize your people into logical groups to provide better ministry with unit leaders. Add multiple people to multiple units to enhance the impact of each ministry within your church.

“By creating units for each part of our children's ministry, we are able to group our kids into common areas and assign adults to oversee each one. This makes it easy to run the entire ministry and make sure all children are cared for ”

Krystal Myers - Children's Ministry Director, White Plains Baptist Church


Events are the outreach arm of your ministry. Register event attenders by a quick text message. Or, with a click of a button, automatically build a registration form that can optionally collect a registration fee or limit registrations, if needed. Track different outreach opportunities to see what works and what doesn't then adjust as you need.

“By creating events, we are able to reach the next generation of leaders in our community and share new experiences with them. Using Call Out Church makes it quick and painless. That encourages more participation from everybody.”

Lisa Gee - Youth Ministry, White Plains Baptist Church

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